HTML5 Piano Frequently Asked Question

How it's working ?
I'll use a honorous quote "this code runs on lot of prayers and tears" ... and the real info is here: How is made?
The piano doesn't work! Why there is no sound ?
First you shoud check if your browser is IE... others browser shoudn't have problems with audio. In the moment only IE9 is supported... or more certain IE9 supports HTML5 and CSS3 :) The second chance is that the server which hosts the audio files is down... :( in this case you can download the offline archive, and play again. :)
How big is this app?
Around 10mb - 176audio files, 2 html pages, 1 css file and 4 javascript files :)
Did you record the sound for the piano, or just take it from somewhere?
Yes ... * proudly says * ... I recorded every single one tone, playing every key one by one... it wasn't that much fun, but the results are quite good i may say.
What is the piano/synth model?
I've got Portable Grand Yamaha DGX 630 and i love it :) I used the Grand Piano voice and recorded through the line in in my computer.
Why did you maked it?
I wanted to make something cool with HTML5 and CSS3, and also i love piano music and the moment i heard about the audio tag i said...hey why don't we have a html piano. And now we have one.
This piano thing is cool, I realy like it.
Thank you very much! I'm happy that you like it. You can share it, with your friends. Don't keep it onyl for your self there are enought keys for everyobdy.
So is this everything, I've go some cool ideas.
No it isn't. I have more features in mind, but also I have to make some perfomance improvements. You can check the Features List and also you can send me and write me about anything. I'll be glad to hear your ideas or opinion.